As ÇAVUŞOĞLU | DÜNDAR | MEKERECİ ATTORNEYS AT LAW (briefly “ÇDM LAW”),we provide attorneyship and legal consultancy services in all areas of Turkish Law to our client companies and individual clients with our dedicated team graduated from Turkey’s best and well-established law faculties and had a LL.M. degree certain field of law and gained experience in different fields of law in Turkey’s reputable national and international law firms. 

Our firm always works out the results that will provide the best benefit of clients while taking into account clients’ needs and business objectives first and regularly notifies the clients by holding meetings and preparing monthly/quarterly reports.

Our difference as ÇDM Attorneys at Law; always being reachable by our clients and our partner lawyers work with our clients personally and our effort to get best result for our clients by following attorneyship professsional code of conduct and taking care of the interests of our clients in all phases.

Although our firm is located in Istanbul, in case of need, our clients’ legal works and transactions in other cities of Turkey are closely followed up by us with the cooperation of local law offices in other cities of Turkey. 


Yol Tarifi