Family law

As ÇDM Law, we provide our clients with the best legal support they need for divorce, custody, alimony, liquidation of the property regime and preparation of marriage contracts. 

Some of our services are as follows:

•Filing and following-up consensual divorce lawsuit 

•Filing and following-up contested divorce lawsuit  

•Filing and following-up the lawsuit for annulment of marriage

•Filing and following-up the lawsuit for the liquidation of the property regime

•Filing and following-up divorce lawsuit and alimony and compensation lawsuits

•Filing and following-up the lawsuits for recognition and enforcement of Foreign Court Decisions 

•Filing and following-up custody lawsuits

•Filing and following-up restatement of alimony

•Executing enforcement proceedings for collection alimony and compensation receivables 

•Filing and following-up lawsuits for the removal of the violent spouse from home

•Preparation of prenaptual contracts 

•Filing and following-up lawsuits for changing name and age

•Following up lawsuits deriving from assignment of a guardian, placing under guardianship and from guardianship

•Obtaining a declaration of absence

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