Startup Law


Startup law is also known as entrepreneurship law and has entered our lives as a separate sub-branch of law in recent years. Startup law is essentially a special view of corporate law, labor law, tax law, and intellectual and industrial property law. As ÇDM Law; We provide legal consultancy services for people who have a business idea in the field of technology and who have the qualifications to develop and industrialize this idea, from the establishment of the company to what needs to be done for the growth of the company, in order to turn this business idea into an investment. We represent entrepreneurs in meetings with angel investors, venture capitalists and venture capitalists in order to meet the financing and funding needs of these enterprises, and we stand by them in crowdfunding processes. At the same time, we provide legal consultancy services to angel investors or investor networks who want to invest in startups, and we carry out the preparation and negotiation processes of relevant contracts to complete the investment process in a healthy way.

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