Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Regardless of the type of dispute or which branch of law it is related to, we believe that alternative dispute resolution methods are a beneficial choice in resolving the said disputes for our clients with respect to time/cost, provided that they are used effectively.

Our primary goal is the resolution of disputes in a way that is beneficial to our clients and is most effective. We are also putting in a dense effort for creating and developing innovative commercial solutions for resolving disputes through settlement.

We are in a period where resolving the disputes through applying to arbitration institution, i.e. by appointing a third party arbitrator, is a faster, more economic and succesful method compared to traditional lawsuit methods. 

Hence, as ÇDM Law, we refer our clients to alternative resolution methods such as arbitration, settlement and invitation to settlement instead of traditional methods for dispute resolution. 

Again, we will be pleased to be a part of an alternative dispute resolution, whilst looking out for the rights of all parties in a complete objective manner, as the arbitrator or mediator in third party disputes.

Yol Tarifi